Badass Abe Lincoln T-Shirts

$5 Abe Lincoln Tough Guy T-Shirt

In history class we learned that Abraham Lincoln was one of the best American presidents. Now from the movie “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” we find out that he was one tough dude. Celebrate the 16th President of the United States with these Badass Abe Lincoln T-Shirts.

The first tough guy Lincoln shirt features a badass Abe with a muscular build and a body full of tattoos based on the design of the $5 bill, which we all know is the currency that features his face. The next shirt features this famous Republican president, who had a big hand in ending slavery in America, with a pair of big pistols drawn and ready. From the look on his face, it is clear that no one should dare mess with him.

Abe Lincoln Guns T-Shirt

The $5 Abe Lincoln and Abe Lincoln Guns t-shirts are both available at Hurry, the Threadless Shirt Sale has been extended until 10AM on 6/29/12, so you can still pick up these shirts for just $9.99 each. After that they’ll be back to the regular price of $20 each.

If you like these shirts, you’ll probably also like the Zombie Mount Rushmore Letter/Key Holder.

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