Bacon Flavored Croutons

Bacon Flavored Croutons

I’ve been trying to eat healthier these days. I’ve been having salads for lunch for a whole week now, and to be honest, sometimes I still find myself hungry after even two servings. If your salads are starting to taste duller than ever, then the Bacon Flavored Croutons might be able to add a whole lot of flavor, right out of the package.

I’m a self-confessed bacon addict, so anything with bacon, I instantly love (with the exception of the Bacon Frosting and Bacon Chocolate that is.) Just top your salads with these Bacon Flavored Croutons for some instant added flavor.

Bacon Flavored Croutons

Bacon Flavored Croutons

Bacon Croutons are about to change the salad game. Remember the revelation you had when you realized that salads could be a vehicle for ranch dressing? You’re about to have a similar life-changing experience. And don’t limit yourself to salad! Bacon Croutons are great on soup, crushed up on top of baked macaroni & cheese, as breading for fried chicken, and of course, used in your favorite Thanksgiving stuffing recipe. Bacon on, friends!

  • Bacon-flavored croutons will make your salads tasty again
  • Amazing smoky flavor for mouth-watering happiness
  • Use them on soups, as breadcrumbs, and in stuffing too!
  • Weirdly enough, these are vegetarian.

The Bacon Flavored Croutons are available from ThinkGeek for $2.99.

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