Backwards Watches

Backwards Watches

Do you feel like time is flying by way too fast? Do you sometimes wish that you can turn back the hands of time and go back to a time and place where everything used to be simpler? What if I told you I’d just found something to help you do just that? Not go back in time, because time machines don’t exist (yet), but just turn back the hands of time. You can do that with the Backwards Watches.

You probably already have the Backwards Clock hanging on your wall somewhere. You’ve probably also managed to confuse a great number of people because of that quirky timepiece. Now continue the backwards trend on your wrist with these Backwards Watches. When someone asks you for the time, don’t just give it to them; let them read it off your watch instead. The expression on their faces will be priceless.

Backwards Watches

A highly attractive wrist watches with a difference. These stylish Backwards Watches are initially confusing but once you become used to reading the time backwards, normal clocks become a bit odd themselves. Ultimately attention grabbing, one glance at the 30mm clock face is more than enough to realise there is something not quite right with this time piece, the numbers are in the wrong places and the hands are moving in the wrong direction!

The Backwards Watch makes the perfect gift for any nonconformist or someone looking for an eye catching accessory with a difference! Available in purple, yellow, red, green or blue.

The Backwards Watches are available from Red5 for $22.

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