Baby Alive Care For Me Doll

Baby Alive Care For Me Doll

Got a little girl who’s literally being a pain? Most kids nowadays don’t really get how difficult it is to have kids or raise them. It’s a lot of responsibility and a whole lot of work. I know, because I’ve seen my sister with her three babies and it definitely wasn’t easy. So give your child a small taste of parenthood with one of these Baby Alive Care For Me Dolls.

So getting a Baby Alive Care For Me Doll isn’t exactly the same thing as having a baby, but it comes pretty close. The doll is so life-like, not to mention adorable, as it simulates the actions, needs, and demands of a human baby. Aside from being able to teach your kid some sort of moral, it’s also a fun doll in general, unlike other dolls that are just for dressing up or for performing makeovers.

Baby Alive Care For Me Doll

Play “mommy” with this amazing doll that “drinks” her juice and “wets” her diaper just like a real baby! But when you change the doll’s diaper, watch out – babies can be full of surprises! Give your baby WETS ‘N WIGGLES doll a bottle of water, and watch her wiggle and cry to let you know it’s time to change her diaper. Once she’s changed, squeeze her baby bracelet to hear her coo and play!

TheĀ Baby Alive Care For Me Doll is available from Entertainment Earth for $29.17.

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