Awesome Products Giveaway

Awesome Products Giveaway

We’re having another Awesome Products Giveaway here at to give you the chance to win some really cool items from Neatoshop. We’re allowing the lucky winner to select the product(s) they like, but to give you a taste of some of the choices, see the products pictured above: TARDIS vs. Dalek – Doctor Who Salt & Pepper Shakers, Zombie Hunter Messenger Bag, Hello Kitty Black Embossed Face Tote, and Star Wars Darth Vader Alarm Clock Radio.

If you win this giveaway, you can pick your own prize from the extensive selection at Neatoshop. Before you enter, first visit to browse all their cool products to see what you like. Then post a comment to this page below listing the item(s) you would choose if you win. Use the Rafflecopter Giveaway form below to earn/activate your entries.

If you are the lucky winner randomly selected from the entries at the end of this giveaway, you’ll have an $80 budget towards the purchase of up to 3 in-stock items from Don’t worry, shipping is covered too!

This sweepstakes is open to everyone 18 years of age or older world-wide, and you can earn up to 10 entries. You must enter by July 16, 2013 12:01 AM EST.

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Note that even if you already did something in the past, such as following GeekAlerts on Pinterest, you can still add the entries for that task in this giveaway. Just make sure to keep everything active through the drawing period, because weโ€™ll verify the winner actually completed the required tasks for the entries. Use a valid email account when you enter so we can contact you if you win. GeekAlerts DOES NOT send spam emails, sell, distribute or share information with anyone. Read the Official Rules for all the legal details.

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137 Responses to “Awesome Products Giveaway”

  1. I would love the Gizmo Plush backpack and the anatomical heart pencil holder to make my desk look awesome!!!

  2. Had a look at NeatoShop, went for 3 things I actually need!!!

    1) Black Knight Plush Backpack (my current bag is falling to bits)

    2) Stormtrooper – Star Wars Hooded Bathrobe (haven’t got a bathrobe anymore)

    3) Godzilla Plush Slippers (slippers are getting tatty)

  3. Justen Blackstone Reply July 11, 2013 at 5:27 am

    That darth vader clock figurine is amazing looking!

  4. Doctor Who Dalek USB Desk Protector is the first thing.

  5. Dalek money bank.
    TARDIS safe.

  6. I would love to win the Higgs Boson Watch, Zombie Snowman – Christmas Ornament, and the Boba Fett – Star Wars Computer Sitter

  7. Those monster feet slippers for my son!!! So cute!!

  8. I would get 3 amazing things! That store is full of so much awesomeness I can’t contain myself, please don’t make me pick now… ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll keep it at the $80 budget I promise.

    love the R2-D2 USB Hub… definitely on the list!


  9. The Pirate Rehab tshirt would be my first item picked if I won.

  10. So many cool items. Doctor Who, Walking Dead, Star Wars! I don’t know how I’d ever be able to pick. I’d love a TARDIS related item.

  11. I’d love the Hatchet – Foam Prop, the Daft Nuts T-shirt and the fisticup for sure!

  12. The Doctor Who shirts are great, especially the When Worlds Collide one. I’d take that, Exterminate Me and Discombobulate. You can never have too many Doctor Who shirts. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. I would love to own the bowler hat, and a nice totoro cloak for this cold winter weather

  14. The Cameras Shoulder Tote, the Higgs Boson watch, and the Rainbow Dash socks.

    This is an effective competition because I’m going to buy from this site anyway!

  15. What a cool contest! Its really hard to narrow down to just a few items, as the store contains so many insanely cool items.

    Cost aside, Tops on my list would be the Higgs Boson Watch, Vader USB Hub, Star Trek Phaser Pointer, and the M48 Tactical Survival Spear-Hammer-Axe.

    This site rocks!

  16. If I win, I would be happy for any zombies T-shirt, but if I get to choose 3 items, these will be my choices.

    1# Star Wars Spy Voice Changer
    2# Philbin ‘Stache Bear
    3# The Wocka Wocka-ing Dead.


  17. I want the Hello Kitty Black Embossed Face Tote please *o*

  18. Winning these killer prizes would be awesome!!!…Thank You for this giveaway….

  19. I’m all about the Zombie cookie jar! Some gruesome brain sugar cookies would find a nice temporary home in it.

  20. I need more Daleks in my life!!!!

  21. I would love to win the skull speaker, zombie ear key chain, and the zombie hunter bag. ๐Ÿ˜€

  22. I would love the Zombie Gnome so I could sneak over to my sisters house and put it in her garden and wait for her to discover it. And the The Wocka Wocka-ing Dead t-shirt for my hubby. For me I would like the “Screw the budget” coin purse. There were a ton of others things too, but these were my 3 favs.

  23. I’d want to grab the pixel clock, Bacon Cookie Jar, and Natural Curiosities – Dinner Plate set. I love your site and the giveaways!

  24. I’d say…
    Totoro Neck Pillow
    Silver Playing Cards
    Chicago Metro Cuff

  25. I Like the Doctor Who Salt and Pepper shakers and the Tardis Cookie Jar!

  26. How do I choose, I might let my geeklings pick out hat they want and get something for myself too

  27. love all the doctor who stuff… <3 The Master's Fob Watch & the When 2 world's collide tshirt OOO there's so many nice things to choose from!!!

  28. I like the Wakka wakka walking dead.

  29. OMG. Love the hello kitty purse.

  30. The timer watch, is very cool

  31. There are wayyyy too many things I’d love to get, but anything Dr. Who takes priority!

  32. I would love the Zombie Survival Kit Messenger Bag.

  33. So many items, hard to chose, but the ones that stick out are
    Superman Fleece Cozy, Darth Vader – Together We Can Rule The Galaxy figure, and the Darth Vader – Lightsaber Lamp .

  34. I love the Doctor Who TARDIS Hooded Bathrobe

  35. I would love to win the Mother of Dragons t-shirt, or the Hello Kitty Backpack with Ears – Street Fighter. I also love the Winter is Coming t-shirt. ๐Ÿ™‚ So much awesome stuff!

  36. Awesome Comp!
    Good Side – Anything
    Darkside – Everything

  37. How can you expect me to pick something right now!?!?!? i’d love to have anything doctor who, especially something tardis… maybe the tardis? you guys got that in stock, yeah?

  38. 1.) R2-D2 USB hub is brilliant.
    2.) Marvin the Martian in Spaceship – Salt & Pepper Shakers! Marvin is my hero!
    3.) The Cthulhu Ornament would complete my tree.

  39. Colleen Boudreau Reply July 11, 2013 at 11:45 am

    I love the Hello Kitty – Salt & Pepper Shakers.

  40. I want the TARDIS cookie jar. Is it bigger on the inside?

  41. I would love the zombie bag and the other 2 would be zombie stuff also but would have to look and decide (so hard to decide
    ) lol

  42. I would love the Darth Vader alarm clock

  43. Love the Zombie Hunter bag.

  44. Darth Vader clock

  45. The Gandalf and Saruman salt and pepper shachers

  46. I really like the Hellboy PVC figure set.

  47. I just want that zombie bag

  48. Star wars clock

  49. darth vader alarm clock

  50. Can’t go wrong with Star Wars but the Zombies Make Better Boyfriends Because They Love You For Your Brain – T-Shirt is great.

  51. ‘Night watch brothers’ tshirt or the ‘Winter is coming’ tshirt

  52. My favorite product is the Gandalf & Saruman – Salt & Pepper Shakers

  53. Coolest stuff ever!

  54. I would get the Zombie Clock and the Zombie Gnome.

  55. Michael Hernandez Reply July 11, 2013 at 4:22 pm

    way too many to pick out just three, we’ll be here the next hour looking! wow!!

  56. Zombie Messenger Bag and ToToro Pillow

  57. Paula Michele Hafner Reply July 11, 2013 at 5:03 pm

    Family – Micro Matryoshka
    Willy Wocka and the Muppet Factory Tee
    Wicket – Star Wars Mimobot (2GB)

  58. That hello kitty bag is INSANE!

  59. TARDIS vs. Dalek – Doctor Who Salt & Pepper Shakers, The Star Wars Cookbook: Wookiee Cookies and Other Galactic Recipes, The Four Elements T Shirt, Sonic Screwdriver Keychain & Flashlight – Doctor Who

  60. Zombie Messenger Bag, darth vader alarm clock, and the fisticup

  61. The Zombie Messenger Bag and the Zombie Gnome – or the Hello Kitty Camo bag.

  62. It’s really hard to many awesome items! But if really i had to choose, i would say:
    1. Zombie Hunter – Messenger Bag (i need a new bag^^)
    2. The Ocarina of Time Travel – Black
    3. Doomed – Crystal Skull Shot Glass

  63. Some of my favorite products from are:

    Star Wars Darth Vader Alarm Clock Radio
    Tardis Cookie Jar
    Tardis Safe

    But everything on your site is cool! ๐Ÿ™‚

  64. the Higgs Boson watch

  65. Doctor Who Watch

  66. I WANT THE TARDIS!!!!! What an awesome pack!

  67. Mia-Catherine Bolerjack Reply July 11, 2013 at 8:11 pm

    I want that Darth Vader statue!!

  68. Love the Constellation Socks!

  69. Cybelle Oliveira Reply July 11, 2013 at 8:35 pm

    I want everything, but mostly:
    Pumpkin Apron
    Black Rose & Skull Wreath
    Skull and Flower – Tote Bag
    Vampire Fangs

  70. Doctor Who is my favorite!! I really want the Tardis lunch box.

  71. I want the Zombie Hunter tote bag

  72. So if I had to pick 3:
    Doctor Who Scarf
    ‘When Worlds Collide’ Dr. Who shirt (for the wife)
    the Doctor Who Lunch Box for my son. ๐Ÿ™‚

  73. Why, the HELLO KITTY bag, of course! ๐Ÿ™‚

  74. ANY of the Star Wars LEGO items

  75. ANY of the LEGO storage items

  76. The first thing I would choose is this t-shirt Burtonยดs imaginary friends!

  77. R2-D2 – Star Wars Hooded Bathrobe

  78. I really like all your items!!

  79. Anything and everything Hello Kitty will be mine!

  80. Hope I win!

  81. Hello Kitty Black Embossed Face Wallet

  82. one of my faves is the Sandpooper t-shirt

  83. Batman seatbelt belt, stylish mustaches, Batman logo magnet

  84. Tardis vs Dalek salt and pepper shaker! and the zombie hunter bag! awesome!

  85. anything from doctor who

  86. I would love:
    Dr. Who Tardis Pillow
    Minecraft creeper hoodie
    Elder Scrolls Nord Beard

    Thanks for the chance.

  87. Doctor Who Dalek USB Desk Protector

  88. Id love to win the tardis dalek salt and pepper shakers

  89. Love the Tardis pillows and all this Doctor Who.
    Alos risingzombie solar garden light

  90. Love the Tardis pillows and all this Doctor Who.
    Also the rising zombie solar garden light

  91. My kiddos would love the Wicket Star Wars BackPack Buddy, the Wonder Woman Plush, and the Red Dalek Talking Plush.

  92. I love the starry night socks, spiked ice tray (very goth,) and branch and leaf servers – those servers match my kitchen stuff perfectly!

  93. Love the Bacon Pint Glasses! LOL

  94. Darth Vader clock

  95. It is so hard to decide. I have several of their t-shirts and would love more.

  96. the Tardis cookie jar looks fab

  97. I’d love an Exterminate seatbelt belt.

  98. i would start with the Tardis cookie jar for sure

  99. Three things?

    #1: Captain America Crew Socks
    #2: Sonic the Hedgehog Pint Glasses
    #3: try to fit in the Totoro Backpack.

    Although the last one is more flexible… especially if the Bofur Hat comes back in-stock. That takes precedence over pretty much any of this stuff. ๐Ÿ˜€

  100. I love the products at the Neatoshop! Here are the three I would choose: “I just boldly went!” Baby Snapsuit from Star Trek! Green Lantern Baby Snapsuit & Bazinga Theory Cooking Apron!

  101. Gizmo Plush
    Sonic the Hedgehog Pint Glasses
    Tardis Cookie Jar

  102. I want the Angry Birds Wind Chime. I like pissed off birds that don’t poop on my head.

  103. Lego Storage Bricks!

  104. Astronaut Ice Cream
    Master of My Domain Name
    LEGO Storage Head (Large)

  105. Vader Clock

  106. I love that TARDIS bath robe!

  107. So much to want! A Darth Vader USB hub would be so awesome <3

  108. Zombie Hunter tote bag and anything Walking Dead

  109. Stephane Presseault Reply July 14, 2013 at 11:49 am

    So many to choose from !

    A few choice picks…
    Personalise your own sonic screwdriver set
    Force glove for my kids
    Geek battle board game
    Dr Who sonic (actual) sctrwdriver
    Oh no zombies board game…

    and Im already WAy over the 80$ limit…

  110. Doctor Who Doctors in the Tardis T-Shirt

    The Bartenderโ€™s Toolbox

    Zombie Hunter tote bag

  111. thx ๐Ÿ˜€

  112. I’d like everything related to Dr. Who… esp.
    Tardis bank, tshirt, sonic Screwdriver, bathrobe, USB, Messager Bag, Cookie Jar, Salt and Pepper Shakers, and Daleks too!

  113. I would love Star Wars items! The Storm Trooper alarm clock, the Slave Leia dog costume and the Jedi bathrobe for kids.

  114. Oh my goodness. I agree with johannah ^

    Tardis bank, all the cupcake merchandise too!

  115. the masters fob watch!

  116. Scooby Doo Mystery Machine – Lunch Bag

  117. I like the Hello Kitty Geometric Knee Socks.

  118. I like the Spectra Vondergeist – Monster High Ghoul’s Alive!

  119. I really like the Mario Kart 7 MicroDrive

  120. I like the Hello Kitty Black Embossed Face Tote, The Superman – Seatbelt Belt, Valentine’s Day Box of Chocolates – Lip Gloss and so much more!

  121. Star Wars Spy Voice Changer

  122. I would pick LOTR Horseback – Salt & Pepper Shakers and TARDIS Ceramic Cookie Jar

  123. I like the Inflatable Christmas tree.

  124. Yoda – Bring You Wisdom, I Will

  125. Kerry Amburgy-Dickson Reply July 15, 2013 at 1:33 pm

    Vader USB hub
    Godzilla slippers

  126. I love the Star Wars Spy Voice Changer

  127. I would get the Four Elements T-Shirt, the Master’s Fob Watch, and the Doctor Who Talking Keychain.


  128. Love the star wars chopsticks and DR WHO t-shirts!

  129. I would probably get the Clown TARDIS, a Star Trek lunch box, and then let my husband pick something.

  130. I like the Wonder Woman Plush.

  131. One of the things I like is the Dinosaur – LED Flashlight and Keychain and I also like the hello kitty embossed purse.

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