Awesome Geek Button Badges

Geek Button Badges

Prickie is a site offering wonderful geek button badges designed by a wide range of talented artists. The biggest problem is what to choose, there are currently over 15,000 badges available.

Priced at $2.99 a pop with large purchase discounts. Shipping worldwide.

(ChipChick via Pocket-lint)

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Robert Birming

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Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Robert is a blogger and musician with an eye on innovative gadgets and design geekiness.

3 Responses to “Awesome Geek Button Badges”

  1. Love the geek badges! Geeks rock. We have a whole geek badge category. There is something for every geek.

  2. Lots of nice geek badges you have there, Vicky. Thanks for the tips!

  3. Geek Button Badges looks well designed,there are currently over 15,000 badges available,so much choice for the buers

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