Automatic Mini Donut Maker

Automatic Mini Donut Maker

Move over Cake Pop Bakery, now my heart is set on the Automatic Mini Donut Maker. This awesome kitchen appliance automatically makes mini donuts, and what is better than warm, fresh donuts? The dough-nu-matic machine from Nostalgia Electrics automatically forms, fries, and drains delicious donuts in just a minute. It makes up to 30 donuts per batch, which sounds about the right amount to me. (Come on, that isn’t that many since they’re small.)

Just like with Cake Pops, I think these mini doughnuts would be great fun to decorate. With various frostings and sprinkles, you can make some delicious desserts that look as good as they taste.

Automatic Mini Donut Maker

Now you can have a tasty treat without having some dude yelling at you to knock down milk bottles to win a kewpie doll. This mini donut maker automatically forms, fries and drains delicious mini donuts in less than a minute! Just sprinkle with sugar, cinnamon or cocoa powder and serve. Don’t forget that cold glass of milk. Enclosed oil fryer for minimum cleanup. Fun for any occasion. Can’t you just taste them?

Nostalgia Electrics MDF-200 Automatic Mini Donut Factory

Nostalgia Electrics MDF-200 Automatic Mini Donut Factory

  • Dough dispensing mechanism creates the perfect sized mini donut
  • Makes up to 30 donuts per batch
  • Stainless steel spatulas turn and delivers donuts to the dispensing chute
  • Safety guard lids keeps hands away from hot oil
  • Includes drip tray to change oil after each use

Order the Mini Donut Factory Donut Maker for $149.99 with free shipping at Kotula’s. The Nostalgia Electrics MDF-200 Automatic Mini Donut Factory is also available for $134.39 with free shipping from (Both of these automatic doughnut machines are made by Nostalgia Electric and from the pictures they both appear to be exactly the same except for the color of the plastic and the design of the decals.)

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  2. Hello.

    My Name is Sheila.

    I would like the Automatic Dohnut Maker Machine for my Business.

    How Much does it cost, & Can It work in U.K./England?

    What is the Voltage Power?

  3. I’m planning to buy this item automatic donut maker does it work in the Philippines and how much it will cost me including s&h

  4. I want to buy the automatic danut .

  5. I am from malaysia I want this automatic donut makers how do I get it

  6. hi, I’m From MALYSIA….
    how to buy this?
    how much is in RM??

  7. Renschia Lambrechts Reply May 9, 2013 at 2:30 am

    I live in South Africa, and are interested in buying one of these. Will they work in SA? How much will the shipping be? We can order through Is it available on their website?

  8. hi, does it work in SA, what is the price and how long does it take to get here, and what must we do to order it. etc.

  9. Pamelaann Peters Reply March 7, 2014 at 6:09 am

    Please supply me with a cost for this product.I am interested in purchasing. Thank you.Anxiously awaiting your reply.

  10. Could you send me the price of the machine. I am in Johannesburg, south africa.

  11. hi, interested in your product I’m from the philippines. how much would it cost plus shipping? is this heavy duty?

  12. Barbara Nettleton Reply April 26, 2015 at 10:07 am

    Hi, I need to know if you deliver to the UK, the cost of the machine and the delivery time and if its compatible with English Electrical Systems?

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