Atoms Express Modular Robotic Toys

Atoms Express Modular Toys are made for children and adults, to allow anyone to use these intelligent building blocks to create toys. Each of the blocks has a function, blue for sensors, green for action, and red for connectors. They will allow users to put together interesting modular toys, from motorized toys to iOS-controlled tanks.

There are four separate packages that will start shipping in June. The $29 prankster kit includes an exploding block. The $49 monster set that includes 8 different modules. The $59 magic wand set and the $79 iOS tank set, which include two motors, a Bluetooth brick, and a companion app for remote control.

ATOMS give kids of any age the ability to make their toys DO things. And not just new toys – ATOMS were built to work with the stuff kids already have, like LEGOs, costumes, stuffed animals, Barbies and action figures. ATOMS don’t require any electronics skills or programming experience – or supervision from a parent with an engineering degree. In fact, because of the tiny electronics built into each one, kids can make all sorts of cool stuff within 5 minutes of taking ATOMS out of the box.


The above creation is controlled remotely from a Bluetooth 4 compatible iOS device. It allows the user to control the direction and speed of the two motors from their iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

1. Run the free ATOMS App.
2. Your iOS device communicates wirelessly with the ATOMS Bluetooth 4 module, sending your commands from your iOS device to your ATOMS creation.
3. Use the ATOMS Bluetooth 4 module to control any ATOMS. Just like all output ATOMS, the “boots” blink faster and the output is driven faster as the signal strength increases.

The project was fully funded through Kickstarter, and Atoms Express will start pre-orders through their website. Prices vary from $29 to the $79 iOS controlled tank set.

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