ATM Savings Bank

ATM Savings Bank

Remember the Cash Machine Bank from a few weeks ago? This ATM Savings Bank is very similar, except that it can automatically recognize UK coins, while the other one could recognize Australian coins. It comes with a bank card and you set your 4 digit PIN to access the ATM. This piggy bank is not only really cool looking, it is very useful because you can always “check your balance” to see how much money you have saved.

The ATM Savings Bank is also great for kids. It is a fun toy, and it helps teach them about money, counting, saving, etc. Plus it comes with other features such as a calendar function and alarm clock.

ATM Savings Bank


  • “Bank card” included. Insert your card and input a 4 digit code to use the ATM
  • Accepts both coins and notes – automatically draws in notes through front slot
  • Recognises each coin (UK money only) and lets you set a target savings amount and check your balance at any time
  • Coins automatically counted; notes require value to be keyed in
  • Machine lights up and makes “real” ATM sounds when in use
  • Alarm clock and calendar function
  • Measures Approximately 24cm (H) x 18.5cm (W) x 13cm (D)

Order the ATM Savings Bank for £14.99 ($25 / €17) at

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