ATHF Master Shake Belt Buckle

ATHF Master Shake Belt Buckle

If you’re a fan of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, then you’re going to really enjoy this ATHF Master Shake Belt Buckle. Fans know that Shake is the man with ideas, not always good ones, and he always finds a way to get Meatwad, Frylock and even Carl into messy situations.

Measuring 2.25″ across, 3″ high and 1″ thick, this metallic belt buckle will serve as a reminder that avoiding milkshakes may be a good idea.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Belt Buckle

With the face of the buckle layered in white enamel, this Master Shake buckle is perfect for fans of jerk-face shakes denigrating, demeaning and basically destroying local confidence levels. He’s not one to boost self-esteem, is what I’m saying. If you prod him to comment on your outward appearance, prepare for a mascara/tears mixture to liven any plainly made-up face. Master Shake is not your friend, be he would appreciate it of you bought his buckle. He might dislike you a little less.

You can purchase the ATHF Master Shake Belt Buckle at for $19.99.

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