Ass Kickin Ketchup

Ass Kickin Ketchup

Barbeque season is upon us and summertime grilling is in full swing. Burgers and hotdogs are great; but when regular condiments won’t do, add a little something to give them that extra kick. The Ass Kickin Ketchup is made with habanero peppers that have a scoville rating of 100,000 – 350,000.

Give your hamburgers and grilled foods a personality of their own with this spicy ketchup…If you’re looking for a spicy adult beverage to wash it all down with, don’t forget to sever the 100,000 Scovilles Hot Naga Chilli Vodka.

Ass Kickin Ketchup

  • Made with Habanero Peppers, rated at 100,000–350,000 on the Scoville Scale
  • Water, Tomato Paste, Sugar, Vinegar, Salt, Spices, Habanero Pepper, Onion and Garlic
  • Re-sealable glass bottle
  • Measures approximately 20cm x 7cm
  • Weighs approximately 340g

You can purchase the Ass Kickin Ketchup at for €6.19 and at for $5.95…You can also ad the Ass Kickin Mustard for $4.95.

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