AppToyz AppSing

AppToyz AppSing

There’s something about karaoke that makes the most tone-deaf person think they can belt out a tune like a rock star, but some people do actually reveal a little talent when the pick up the mic. The AppToyz AppSing is great for both categories because it lets you transform your phone into a karaoke machine and rock out with your… Well, I’ll let that Stifler quote just hang there for American Pie fans to enjoy.

Just slip your smartphone into the cage at the end of the microphone so you can see the lyrics on the screen, power up the apps you got from the Android Market and App Store, and screech sing to your heart’s content, with your heart-stopping voice flowing through the speakers for everyone around to enjoy… or at least pretend they’re enjoying.

AppToyz AppSing

  • Portable karaoke machine
  • Apps available on Android Market and App Store
  • Universal case holds all smartphones
  • Case opens up to approx. 6.5inches
  • Speaker plays in full stereo sound
  • Microphone slots into back of speaker
  • Holds device landscape or portrait
  • Volume control on the front of speakers and on Microphone
  • Easy carry handle
  • Microphone measures approx. 21cm x 4cm x 3cm
  • Speakers measure approx. 15cm x 16cm x 11cm

Give the cats fellow songbirds in your neighborhood some competition with the AppToyz AppSing for £39.95 ($51.37) at Also available at iWOOT and Argos.

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