App Gear Foam Fighters

Foam Fighters

You can take to the skies and defend against evil and tyranny with the App Gear Foam Fighters, and you don’t even need a pilot license to become a warrior of the airways.

To take part in the high-flying action, all you need to do is attach the foam fighter to your iOS or Android smart device, power up the app, and prepare to become immersed in some augmented reality action by taking on missions that include dog fights, bombing runs, landing and refueling, and escorting units.

Playing as either Axis or Allied forces, you can battle up to eight of your friends in three distinctive historical battles: Battle of the Pacific, Battle of Britain, or Battle of Europe.

Screen Shots

Screen Shots

App Gear Foam Fighters

  • MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: iPad 2; iPhone 4; iPod touch 4th generation, Google Android 2.3.3, 1GHz processor, 512 MB, with back-facing camera
  • MULTIPLAYER MODE: Battle up to 8 of your friends in Skirmish mode over local Wi-Fi.
  • PACKAGING CONTENTS: 2 full-color fighters, 2 fold-out stands and 1 suction-cup mounting arm.
  • AMPLIFIED REALITY: When viewed through your iOS or Android smart device, the attached plane flies, fights and takes digital damage.
  • CAMPAIGNS & MISSIONS: Each plane unlocks a different campaign based on historical battles. Play as either Axis or Allied forces. Missions include dog fights, bombing runs, landing and refueling, and escorting units.

The App Gear Foam Fighters are available for $9.99 at the

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