Anti-Sleep Wink Glasses

Anti Sleep Wink Glasses

We’ve all been there. The work-week is on the downhill slide, you’ve just had a big lunch, and you can feel your eyelids slowly gaining weight as sleep beckons. The Anti-Sleep Wink Glasses will use your own body to make sure you stay awake.

According to the science behind these glasses, men blink once every three seconds, while women blink once every four seconds. Add that to the idea of blinking less when you start to nod off and the answer is just as plain as the nose on your face. All you need is something that will get your attention and pull you back into the land of wakey-wakey before you cross the border into the country of Zzzz.

The Wink Glasses are able to detect how often you blink, and if it takes longer than 5 seconds for you to bat your peepers, the lens will turn opaque and the suddenly-obscured vision will jolt you awake.

Anti-Sleep Wink Glasses

  • Set of glasses and frames
  • Color: silver
  • Weight: 5.8g (0.2 oz) (glasses), 1.4g (0.04 oz) (battery case)
  • AC5V
  • Power: PR41 battery or USB (c.8 hours of use with both)
  • Instructions: Japanese

Do they really work? I have no idea but there’s an easy way to find out. The Anti-Sleep Wink Glasses are available for $331 at Japan Trend Shop.

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