Ant-O-Sphere 4-Pods

Ant-O-Sphere 4-Pods

Ants might be harder for some kids to find right now; but if you’re lucky enough to live in warmer climates, you’ll be able to start your own ant colony in the super galactic Ant-O-Sphere 4-Pods.

Ant-O-Sphere 4-Pods

Connect and customize your colony to make anti-gravity ant worlds in your own home. Unique design is actually based on real mega ant colonies in the wild, so the ants feel right at home. Ages 6+

  • It’s the ant farm of the future
  • Designed after real-life ant colony structures
  • Connects to Ant-O-Spheres, Fantasy Island, and Future Farm
  • Learn about ant behaviors
  • 10 x 12.6 x 11.8 inches ; 2.2 pounds

Wild Science Ant-O-Sphere

Your ants will never get bored when they travel from pod-to-pod, nor will they face the dangers of the real world. Perhaps the 4-Pods will help teach kids about ants and their habitats and how to be more humane; instead of the way we used to play with ants – on sunny days with a magnifying glass.

Ant-O-Sphere 4-Pods can be found on Amazon for $24.95. But if you want to give your ants an amusement park experience, Ant-O-Sphere 8-Pods are the way to go.

If you don’t like real-life creepy crawlies, then you’ll be less bugged by the Hexbug Nano Habitat Set.

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