Animated LEGO Proposal

Sure you could use the big-screen at the baseball park or maybe even do an advertisement on a freeway billboard, but that is just too mundane for today’s society. If you’re going to propose, you need do it right, and by right, I mean in a fashion worthy of a LEGO fan. Walt Thompson did just that when he created this Animated LEGO Proposal for his longtime girlfriend, Nealey Dozier.

It took 22 hours of shooting and 2,600 minutely posed pictures to create this marriage proposal, but it was well worth it. Dozier was under the impression that this was some type of anniversary video, but when Thompson played the video for her on their TV, it all came together.

“When the words came on the 46-inch television it was playing on, I hit my knee and pulled out the box, which contained the LEGO bride and groom,” Thompson, told the HuffPost. “Obviously, the groom was holding the ring.”

The video depicts a relationship developing from a first encounter to marriage and growing old together with the background music, “Don’t wait too long” by Madeleine Peyroux.

…And they say Geeks aren’t good with the ladies.

[Via CNET]

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  1. Very Cute, I hope she said yes. Would love to hear if the Wedding has a Lego theme too!

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