Animated LED Art Cube Light

Animated LED Art Cube Light

If you need something to help you relax and forget about the outside world when you are trying to wind your day down, this could be what you’re looking for.  The Animated LED Art Cube Light has 64 LEDs and produces over 1000 colors during its 30 minute non-repeating flash session.  Many of us enjoy piece and quiet but still need something to draw our focus to so we can drift off into relaxation.  The Animated LED Art Cube could be just what you need.

Animated LED Lights Art Cube

Animated LED Lights Art Cube

  • Acrylic Cube
  • Cube of mesmerizing LED lights that blink, morph, and change while you stare
  • Pictures do not do this piece justice – it is stunning in person
  • Excellent zoning out device: just gaze and relax
  • Animated light shows runs for over 30 minutes without repeating
  • Cube composed of 64 multi-color LEDs
  • Includes power adapter
  • Dimensions: 5″ x 5″ x 6.5″

The Animated LED Art Cube Light is a great way to zone out when you are stressed and need a break. You can purchase it at Firebox for £99.99 and it is currently out of stock at ThinkGeek, but it was selling for $99.99.

Update August 2011: ThinkGeek again has the Hypnocube Animated LED Cube in stock for $99.99.

Watch this video for a look at The Animated LED Art Cube in action.

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  1. Very beautiful!I want to buy it!

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