Android Mini Collectible Figures

Android Mini Series 2 Collectible Figures

So you’re a mega fan of Android, are ya? Then you’ll want to collect all of the sixteen droids in the Android Mini Collectible Figures.

Any Android you pick will feature the lovable mascot’s basic 3-inch body shape. The differences between them all are cosmetic. Who knows if you’ll end up with the nerdy one dressed in an argyle sweater, or the cupcake one covered in sprinkles with cherry on top, the “Noogler” one with a propeller cap, or the mystery one? Double surprise!

Android Mini Collectible Figures

Android Mini Collectible – Series 02 Blind Box

  • 3″ vinyl figure of Android Series 02
  • Blind box – assorted designs in sealex boxes.
  • 12 artist-designed Androids, including a mystery design
  • Movable head and arms
  • Android, related logo and character designs used under license from Google, Inc.
  • Includes designs by: Andrew Bell, Doktor A, Gary Ham, Jeff Yaksick, Scott Tolleson and Google, Inc.

I know what you’re thinking. Darn you, GeekAlerts, because now I want them all!

You can buy the officially licensed Android Mini Collectible Figures – Series 02 Blind Box from NeatoShop for $13.95 each or you can find them on Amazon.

Maybe you’ll also dig the Sound Activated Android vs. Apple T-Shirt.

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