American Dream Junior Womens Cami & Panty Set

American Dream Junior Womens Cami & Panty Set

Superhero costumes for the male heroes aren’t really of the sexy type–unless they’ve been adapted as the design for women’s sleepwear or lingerie, that is. The American Dream Junior Womens Cami & Panty Set definitely looks like something Captain America would approve himself for his mate. What do you think?

This matching top and bottom American Dream Junior Womens Cami & Panty Set shows all the right lines and curves on any body. It makes a quirky present, and though I’m not sure it’s something that can help any woman come any closer to living or achieving the American dream, it’s definitely something that can fulfill some other people’s dreams, I’m sure of that.

American Dream Junior Womens Cami & Panty Night Wear

American Dream Junior Womens Cami & Panty Set

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. You know, The American Dream! Wow, I didn’t realize how…um…curvy the American Dream is! Now I see why everybody wants to come here. Careful though, the American Dream is a feisty one. She grew up idolizing Captain America and has all of the skills and equipment to back it up, even going so far to impress the Cap’ himself. Proof that a little bit of hard work and a can-do attitude can go places.

What better place to broadcast this universal truth then this American Dream Juniors Women Cami & Panty Set? Comes with a beautifully themed American Dream/ Cap motif on the top, and a straight up American Dream on the panties!

The American Dream Junior Womens Cami & Panty Set is available from Super Hero Stuff for $34.99.

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