Aluminum Tablet Pen

Aluminum Tablet Pen

Tablets are awesome, but the humble stylus has needed a style overhaul for a while. The Aluminum Tablet Pen finally lets you look as sharp as you feel when you’re plugging away at work or play on your high-tech goodie.

You’ll probably get your fair share of double-takes from people because they’ll think you’ve lost your mind and are using an actual pen on your touchscreen but looks are truly deceiving in this case because the lightweight, aluminum body has a silicone tip that actually does the work, accurately choosing your selections with no muss or fuss in the form of prints, smudges, or body oils. The pen look is completed with a clip that can either slip over your pocket or securely hold your stylish stylus in a tablet or phone case.

Feel like a left-handed person trapped in a right-handed world? Not a problem because the pen is designed to be ambidextrous, letting you work at any angle. Tilt it to the left, tilt it to the right, do the hokey-pokey, or even hold it straight down. Regardless of how you hold it, the pen will select what you want it to.

The Aluminum Tablet Pen, which comes in three vibrant colors or always-stylish black, is available forĀ $19.99 at Brookstone.

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  1. $20 is a bit steep. Stylish yes, but there are $5 alternatives that look as good.

  2. I made my own stylus with stuff around the house – a pen, a sponge, and crafting wire!

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