Aluminum Portal Bookends

Aluminum Portal Bookends

A couple days ago I posted about the Angry Birds Dodge Balls. It was one of those products that was an incredible fit for the for the Angry Birds brand. Portal Bookends are another natural combination of product and brand. While these Portal Bookends made of aluminum are a brand new product, we did see Handmade Wooden Portal Bookends earlier this year.

On the left bookend, there is the back half of a test subject going through an orange portal. Naturally, on the right bookend is the other half of the test subject coming out of a blue portal. If you need a new collection of books for these Portal Bookends to hold up, take a look at our favorite Geek Books.

Portal Bookend

Take these bookends, they’ll hold the books up. Why yes, they do look exactly like a test subject going through a portal on one side and out the portal on the other. Pretty clever, isn’t it?

Portal Book Ends

Portal Bookends

  • Bookends for test subjects at Aperture Science
  • Officially licensed Portal collectible
  • Left side features half of a test subject going through an orange portal
  • Right side features the other half of the test subject coming out the blue portal
  • Made of shiny and durable aluminum, non-slip rubber padding on bottom
  • Dimensions: 4″ by 5″ by 2.25″ each

Portal Bookends are available for $24.99 a set at

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