Aluminum LEGO Keychain

Aluminum LEGO Keychain

I’m not sure how many keychains have been covered here at GeekAlerts, but if could only choose one, it would be this beautiful piece of art.

Each of these unique bricks is precisely machined on a computer controlled mill. Each brick comes with a removable eyebolt fitted with a key ring. You can use the brick as a keychain or build it into your favorite creation. They fit with LEGO® brand bricks!

The Aluminum 2×4 Brick Keychain is created by Bram Lambrecht and available from the BLDesign Web Store for $11.99.

(Via Geekdad)

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3 Responses to “Aluminum LEGO Keychain”

  1. This is cool for LEGO fans. I actually have another LEGO keychain which is batman.

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  3. WOW! I love that keychain (is that really a keychain? it looks like very heavy to be a keychain LOL!)

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