Alexandria Expandable Home Bar Liquor Cabinet

Alexandria Expandable Home Bar Liquor Cabinet - Open

Are you one of those people that really enjoys your alcoholic beverages but you don’t want to always look like you’re ready to hit the sauce? The Alexandria Expandable Home Bar Liquor Cabinet lets you follow the Boy Scout motto of always being prepared but this clever chameleon lets you keep the party-dude (or party-babe) under wraps until it’s time to come out and play.

By day, it looks like a harmless, yet stylish, cabinet, but when the sun goes down and the doors fly open, this bad boy lets everyone know that you are a master of the spirits… at least until those spirits whack you over the head and have you kneeling before the porcelain god.

Alexandria Expandable Home Bar Liquor Cabinet - Closed

When it’s party time, just open up the cabinet for easy access to 16 bottle wine storage slots, a utility drawer, hanging stemware storage, and extra space for a variety of other barware accessories. Impress your guests by being the host with the most when it comes to serving up what everyone is craving, and then transform your wild party platform back into an unassuming piece of décor after all the confetti and lost clothing are swept up and tossed away. You don’t really keep those left-behind clothing items do you?

Get furniture that does double-duty with the Alexandria Expandable Home Bar Liquor Cabinet from Brookstone for $399.99.

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  1. What is the height, width and depth???

  2. Is there a lock? Need a lock to keep kids out, any optionfor lock? Thx Arturo

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