Alarm Clock with iPod Dock Makes You Sleepy

Alarm Clock That Makes You Sleep

Having no problems whatsoever getting up in the morning, but having a hard time falling asleep at night? This alarm clock should definitely be right up your alley then.

Our clock comes with built-in nature sounds – the ocean, distant birds, a calming rain, a gentle stream – extraordinarily soothing sounds that are not artificial or overdone. There’s FM and an iPod dock built in, too – and the Acoustic Research name assures great sound across the board.

Clock is amazingly easy to use, with easily accessible big buttons. Simply whirl the big knob to set. There’s a dual alarm so you can set the clock for everyday, or set the secondary alarm for naptime or weekends. Note the lovely cherry wood cabinet.

Alarm Clock That Makes You Sleep


  • Soothes you to sleep with sounds of rain, ocean, stream, and more
  • Easy to use, easy to set
  • Attractive, cherry-wood unit looks great with any décor
  • A series of beautifully captured nature sounds
  • FM and an iPod dock built in
  • Big-button controls

The Go to Sleep Alarm Clock is available from the First Street website for $269.

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