A Girl’s Guide to Dating a Geek Book

A Girl's Guide to Dating a Geek Book

Thousands of nerds around the world erupted in rage over writer Alyssa Bereznak admitting in an Article on Gizmodo that she dumped a guy for being a geek. More specifically, she was horrified to learn that her date she met on OKcupid, Jon Finkel, was in fact a Magic the Gathering World Champion. Perhaps instead of shunning nerds, Alyssa Bereznak should learn to make the best of it by reading the book A Girl’s Guide to Dating a Geek.

Are you dating a geek? Find out just how geeky he is in The Geek Test. Learn how to cope with his geekiness in sections such as: “Getting What You Want” and “How to Exercise Your Geek.” Also, discover how to plot revenge, diagnose common geek ailments, and find the perfect gift for your geek. Take a deeper look into the world of geeks with My Life Among the ├╝berGeeks and My Life Among the Gamers. Read case studies, examine graphs, peruse the Geek Dictionary, and more in: A Girl’s Guide to Dating a Geek.

A Girl’s Guide to Dating a Geek is available for $13.99 at ThinkGeek.com and for $14.95 at Amazon.com. For more geeky reading, check out the Geek Wisdom Book.

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  1. Now where is the “Boy’s Guide To Dating A Geek”? :>

  2. Yes I agree taryn. This assumes that only guys are geeks.

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