A Christmas Story Leg Lamp Mug

A Christmas Story Leg Lamp Mug

Christmas time is upon us and that means it’s time to pull out the tree, the lights, and everything related to the infamous leg lamp in A Christmas Story, including the Christmas Story Leg Lamp Mug.

There are thousands of holiday traditions out there but none of them come close to capturing the hilarity of the classic leg lamp. You might already have the Christmas Story Votive Candle Holder and the Christmas Story Leg Lamp Cookie Cutter, but just imagine how much sweeter your coffee and hot chocolate will taste when you slurp it out of this stockinged jewel.

Christmas Story Leg Lamp Mug

The mug, which measures 4 3/4″ L 3 1/4″ W 3 3/4″ H, features a sexy leg bent at a provocative angle that’s perfect for wrapping your hand around when you need to slake that thirst. One side of the mug featuring the crate that delivered the Leg Lamp while the other side features the famous quote, “Ah fra-gee-lay…it must be Italian.”

Thrill yourself, embarrass your friends and family, and pay honor to a true holiday classic with A Christmas Story Leg Lamp Mug from BaronBob.com for $12.95

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  1. Use the coupon code LOVEBARON for 15% off your order at http://www.baronbob.com/christmas-story-leg-lamp-mug.htm

  2. They are selling this for $3.99 at Walgreens, :).

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