8-Bit Bow Ties

8 Bit Bow Ties

If you’re a geeky guy who’s looking to the catch the eye of an equally geeky girl, then you might want to pin this 8-Bit Bow Tie on your shirt, if you know what’s good for you. Personally, I think it’s about time guys got some attention in the world of geek fashion.

I mean, if the girls have their 8-bit Hair Bows and Strapless Nintendo Dress, at least men finally have some pretty spiffy pixelated¬†bow ties to turn to for their fashion fix. And if you’re a huge nature’s man, the Wood Tie is worth checking out, too.

8-Bit Bow Ties

Made of Perler beads this fun and funky bow will attract attention for all the right reasons! The 8 bit look of this bow gives it a retro look, befitting any gamer, hipster, or sophisticated gentleman. This bow is fitted with a pin on the back for attaching to shirts for maximum classy-ness. Perfect for weddings, proms, events, or just to walk around looking spiffy.

A set of three¬†8-Bit Bow Ties are available from Geeky Gamer Shop’s Etsy shop for $6.80.

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  1. Really love some of this 8-bit artwork! – So cool!

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