76-LED Bike Light

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76-LED Bike Rear Light

If you’re not satisfied with the 32 LEDs that comes with the Bike Light with Torch, here’s an alternative that features more than twice as many light-emitting diodes.


  • Ultrabright LED light. High intensity LED. Light up your driving road.
  • 4 Light modes: 12-LED, 48-LED, 76-LED and Flashing 76-LED.
  • Adjustable headstrap.
  • Water Resistant.

The Honeycomb 76-LED Bike Light is available from gadget Brando for $19.

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4 Responses to “76-LED Bike Light”

  1. That’s not a rear light …

  2. True Gareth, the headline was a copy/paste miss from my side since the retailer had decided to call the product “rear” for some reason.

    The entry has now been updated. Thanks for pointing it out!

  3. I purchased this when I found it through your site, but then when i got it, the portion that you put the batteries in was missing two pieces of metal necessary for the batteries to power the light. I’ve emailed customer service and will keep this posted

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