7-in-1 Keyring Emergency Tool

7-in-1 Keyring Emergency Tool

The handy little BodyGard device comes loaded with things that might come in handy in case of a fire, a car accident, or any other type of emergency.

Multi-Function Key Ring Tool features Automatic Glass Breaker, a Safety-Blade Seat Belt Cutter, Powerful Sonic Alarm, High Intensity High and Low Beam Bright White LED Flashlight, a Digital Tire Gauge, a Thermometer and a Flashing Red Distress Light for Signaling and High Visibility.

The small, tough ABS nylon housing has a “Glow in the Dark” Panel for quick location and an elegant chrome look. Lithium Batteries included to provide a Personal Safety Kit securely attached to an included Key Ring.


  • Spring-loaded point breaks car side windows for fast escape in an accident, fire, submersion.
  • Safety Blade Seat Belt Cutter quickly cuts seat belts to free drivers and passengers
  • Powerful sonic alarm signals for help with loud dB
  • High Visibility Flashing Red Distress Light to signal for help.
  • Limited Lifetime Guarantee

The 7-in-1 Keyring Emergency Tool is available from Amazon for $23.62.

(Via GadgetGrid)

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5 Responses to “7-in-1 Keyring Emergency Tool”

  1. Nice stuff! 🙂

  2. Flashlights Fanatic Reply February 29, 2008 at 1:35 pm

    What amazes me more than the fact that there are 7 features on one key-ring is that they can sell it for $23.62 on Amazon. How in the world do they make it for that cheap? Even if it’s made in China, someone has to ship it over, market it, etc….

  3. That’s true! I’m often amazed over the relatively low prices.

  4. Swiss+Tech makes a lot of neat tools. I bought my Father the 5-in-1 tool (doesn’t have the thermometer or tire gauge.)

    I have the Utili-key. It’s a handy little keychain Gadget. I love it!


  5. Cool, thanks for the tip Matt!

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