7 Foot Tall Gundam Papercraft

7FT Gundam Ultimate Papercraft

Even if you’re not a fan the Gundam anime series, you have to admit that this 7 Foot Tall Gundam Papercraft is impressive. Very impressive! It is the creation of Taras Lesko, a very talented graphic designer. This model of a Gundam Mk-2 stands 7 feet tall, is made of 1250 parts from 720 sheets of paper, and weighs in at 10 pounds.

Gundam Papercraft

It is incredible that this is made of paper. (The internal skeleton is made out of foam board for structural support, but everything else is apparently paper.) By comparison my paper airplanes just won’t impress anyone. Even most origami pales in comparison to this awesome papercraft.

Gundam Mk-2 Robot

With the incredible details and the artificial fantasy backgrounds, this 7 foot tall Gundam robot mech looks like it is a CGI model. However, this mecha model really is made of paper.

Gundam Mk-2 Paper Craft

Next to a child, you can see the enormous scale of this Gundam paper craft model.

Gundam Robot Papercraft

Creator Taras Lesko Notes:

After burning my 4FT Freedom Gundam papercraft in 2010 I was determined to create a bigger and better replacement. This 7FT Gundam Mk-2 papercraft became the result of my goal, made up of 1250 parts on 720 pages, for a total paper weight of 10lb (4.5kg).

Find more pictures, videos, and information on the 7 Foot Gundam Papercraft at VisualSpicer.com. Go there and watch a behind-the-scenes video of the making of this Gundam papercraft and see separate pictures of each of the major components.

(Via Technabob)

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  1. How much would you sell it? I would love to have this GUNDAM.

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