360° Pen

360° PEN

So many people out there have the bad and sometimes messy habit of chewing on their pens.  Well, GeekAlerts has a new product for you that will hopefully keep the pens out of your month and the ink on the paper.  The 360° Pen provides you with an easy and fun way to twirl your pens and relax while you’re at work or in the classroom.  Available in burgundy and charcoal rubber finishes, these pens are sure to keep your teeth happy.

360° Pen

Feeling a little wound up? Give our 360° Pen a whirl and you’ll smile like a kid again. These two-tone pens combine shiny chrome-plated metal and tactile rubber-finished plastics. Burgundy and charcoal, by color or assorted. Packed in peggable clear display boxes. The box even has a diecut “try me” hole so customers can give ‘em a whirl right in the store!

You can purchase this nifty Fred & Friends 360° Pen at Amazon.com from $6.85.  The .375 Caliber Bullet Pen is another cool pen that will definitely make you think twice about putting it in your month.

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