3-in-1 LED Emergency Light

3-in-1 LED Emergency Light

The 3-in-1 LED Emergency Light from Kaiser will help you find your way around the house in case of a power outage. It will automatically turn on and give you some guidance light. The 3-in1 product also features a built-in flashlight and sensory night light.

Product Description:
* Features 8 super birght LEDs that nerver burn out or need bulb replacement
* Built in rechargeable lithium battery
* Long lasting light for up to 50 hours
* Fire retardant plastic housing
* Switch for 3 lighting selections
* Dual colour LED charging indicator
* All materials and production process meet RoHS Lead-free standard

No word on pricing.

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  1. Great idea and very helpful. I think this are also important to everybody. Being prepared on whatever possible happen especially during emegency these will be the great things to have.

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