3D to 2D Glasses

2D Glasses

The latest 3D craze has invaded the world, and a lot of people aren’t really happy about it. If you’re on of those people, then have I got the perfect glasses for you: the 2D Glasses.  This pair will change those three-dimensional rendered images back into good old 2D in an instant. It really is amazing what a little science and ingenuity can produce, right? Just make sure you don’t mix it in with your kid’s 3D glasses there in the drawer by the DVD player.

The funny thing is, these glasses were first introduced as a gag last April Fools Day by ThinkGeek and now they’ve been turned into an absolute reality.

2D Glasses

2D Glasses

The De-3D glasses are specially designed to eliminate the left eye image and show only the right eye image to both eyes. In double-blind scientific tests it was determined that when watching 3-D movies the right-eye image was consistently more action packed and and humorous than the left-eye image. Amazing but true.

  • Cinema Style 3D glasses eliminate 3D effect for more pleasurable movie viewing
  • Converts standard 3D movies in to relaxing 2D
  • Eliminates headaches and nausea associated with 3D movie viewing
  • Works with current 3D movies in theaters using RealD 3D technology
  • View 3D movies comfortably with your 3D loving friends
  • High quality radial polarized optics for a smooth picture
  • Solid white ABS plastic construction for years of 3D eliminating performance

The 2D Glasses are available from ThinkGeek for $8.99 a pair.

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