1:6 Scale R/C Hummer H3

1:6 Scale R/C Hummer H3

Tired of all those tiny radio controlled helicopters and planes that have become so popular lately? Want to try out something bigger? Here’s your chance.

This black and red 1:6 scale Hummer H3 with chrome details will certainly stand out from the crowd with its impressive 30 inches in length.

Here’s a video demonstration of the toy in action:

The vehicle features functioning headlights, tail lights and signals along with realistic engine sounds. A full function radio transmitter controls forward / reverse driving and left / right steering and features a 4 band frequency switch for multi-player racing.

The 1:6 R/C FF Hummer H3 is available for $80 from Kmart.com.

1:6 Scale R/C Hummer H3

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  1. Ha, den får inte plats i mitt garage!!!

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