1000100101 Black – New Tokyoflash Watch

1000100101 Black

1000100101 Black ($129), from Tokyoflash, is yet another cool looking watch with a somewhat tricky display. This one comes with brushed black finish and all blue LED’s.

You have AM & PM modes, month, date and day-of-the-week. There’s also an optional auto light up feature that sets off every 15 minutes between 6PM and midnight.

And if you actually do care about the time, this is how you read it:

Telling the time uses the 4 marked areas on the face. The first single light indicates 10 hours, the next 9 are 1 hour each. These are used to indicate hours 1-12.
The next 5 lights represent 10 mins each & the last 9 are 1 min each. Using these you can read 1-59 minutes.

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Robert Birming

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4 Responses to “1000100101 Black – New Tokyoflash Watch”

  1. Such a cyberpunk thing. It is fun to have a watch that can be read only by you.

  2. True SJ, it would be quite hard for others to figure out what time it is. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by!

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  4. i am desperate to own the tokyo flash 1000100101 black, if anyone has one to sell please let me know, i would be willing to pay a reasonable sum of money, i am also looking for the oberon black watch to, so please let me know if you have either of these ultra cool watches.

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